Did Anjana Mishra identify prime accused Biban in TI parade? Watch

Bhubaneswar: In an important development in the Anjana Mishra gang rape case of Odisha, the victim was present in Jharpada jail in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday to identify the prime accused of the case in the TI parade.

Following the completion of the TI parade Mishra interacted with media. As per reports, the victim said that there were 10 people standing in the TI parade. “Result of the TI parade will be confirmed in the Court,” said Anjana.

It is to be noted that the victim was present during the TI parade to identify the prime accused long 22 years after the incident. A magistrate and an official of the prison were present during the TI parade.

As per reports, 10 prisoners including Biban had been made to stand in a queue. Physical structures of all these persons were approximately like Biban. No other persons were allowed during the TI parade while security arrangement in the jail was tight.

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