Man goes into 1,000 degree Celsius “Door to Hell,” Know what happened next

A natural gas crater, the Darvaza crater, also known as “Door to Hell," in Turkmenistan has left scientists and tourists amazed for decades.

A natural gas crater in Turkmenistan has left scientists and tourists amazed for decades. Ignited in 1971, the Darvaza crater is famously known as “Door to Hell.” Located in Karakum Desert, the unique geological phenomenon, “Door to Hell” has become a renowned tourist attraction.

Despite lots of efforts to extinguish the flames, the fiery pit still burns brightly. This unique phenomenon have been drawing visitors’ attention around the globe. Within decades of ignition, only one man has entered the 230-foot-wide and 100-foot-deep pit with 1,000 degrees Celsius temperature.

In 2013, a man named, George Kourounis went into the ‘Door to Hell’. According to National Geographic, George Kourounis for two years for this task. He went into the deep pit for 17 minutes to collect samples. He reached the bottom of the Door to Hell, held by a series of ropes and covered in a heat-reflective suit. At the same time, he used self-contained breathing apparatus and a custom-made climbing harness that would not melt from extreme temperature.

Speaking about the experience, Kourounis said, “those 17 minutes is etched pretty deep my brain. The experience is so much scarier, so much hotter and bigger than I imagined.”

“When you are dangling in the middle you just feel like a piece of laundry on the line, drying out. I was looking around and it looked like a doorway to hell. It becomes scarier when you realize that if something wrong happened and you fall, you will die on the spot,” he further explained about the incident.

The gas crater is a natural gas field in Turkmenistan that collapsed into a cavern and has been burning since the 1980s. However, the exact cause of its formation is uncertain, with some theories suggesting it was created in the 1960s and set on fire in the 1980s to prevent the spread of poisonous gases. At the same time, others believe Soviet engineers accidentally caused the collapse while drilling for oil in 1971 and then set it on fire.

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