Kota student missing, writes letter to mother not to worry

Kota: In a surprising turn of events, Kota student went missing from his rented accommodation said reports in this regard. Rajendra Meena, a 19-year-old student from Rajasthan did not want to further continue his studies.

The student was preparing for the NEET Medical Entrance exam in Kota when he ‘disappeared’. He allegedly thought that his parents would never ever understand and approve this step of his. Hence, he decided to inform his parents about this decision via a text message.

The message to his parents read, “I am leaving home and I do not wish to further my education. Please tell mother not to worry about me.” He further wrote that he has Rs. 8000 with him. Then he added that he shall not be in touch for the next five years. He said he shall sell his phone and break his SIM card.

He further informed that he has memorized the numbers of all those needed. Incase he suffers or is in trouble he will contact his family members. The boy further soothed his mother saying that he would never do anything wrong.

On getting this massage immediately the father of the boy filed a missing person report. The concerned authorities launched a search operation to trace the missing boy.

Last year as many as 29 students had allegedly died due to severe exam stress. There have been regular reports of students not being able to handle the pressure and killing themselves. This year itself till date as many as 11 students have killed temselves said reports.

It is worth mentioning that, April to May in Kota have been termed as high risk times. Many experts are of the opinion that there should be special sessions to help students de-stress and to help them face the exams without fear of failure.

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