Watch The Best Example Of Mother’s Love For Its Child; This Viral Video Will Definitely Make You Emotional

It is said that no one can take the place of a mother. No matter what the mother is, she never holds back from confronting the world for the sake of her child and risking herself to save his life. Some animals even follow the rule of the nature and go on to scarify their lives for their children. This old video which is now viral on social media is proof of the same.

IFS officer Sushanta Nanda has shared the viral video on his Twitter handle. “Tails, which never fail.” Maa Tujhe Salaam…’ he captioned the video.

In the old video, it can be seen that a baby monkey has fallen into a tank filled with water. It’s mother is splashing up and trying it’s best to save him.

After struggling for some time, the mother monkey pulled the child out of the tank using her tail like a rope.

Watch the video here:

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