Rare surgery in SCB Cuttack, needle removed from chest of 51 year old

Cuttack: A rare surgery in SCB Cuttack has been carried out, said reliable reports in this regard on Monday. A needle has been removed from the chest of a 51-year-old man.

The SCB Medical College and Hospital has performed a rare surgery in Cuttack of Odisha. This rare surgery has been done by the Department of Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery.

According to information, 51-year-old resident of Khurda district was lying on the bed when a needle was inserted into his chest. He was first admitted to Bhubaneswar Capital Hospital and later the resident was admitted to Cuttack SCBMCH for treatment.

A team was formed for the surgery under the leadership of Dr. Manoj Patnaik, Chief Professor of Cardiothoracic. A team of ten people including doctors and nurses assisted in the surgery. After long hours of labor, the needle was removed from the man’s chest. Now according to latest reports, the health of the man is said to be stable.

In a rare surgery, SCB doctors of Plastic Surgery department have performed a toe-to-hand transplant surgery in Cuttack in January last year.

Sitakant Barik, resident of Bhadrak had lost his thumb finger while he was working. He was facing issues in every work he was doing and his family were worried about the same.

The family members of Sitakanta met Prof Dr Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak, head of the Plastic Surgery department, SCB hospital in Cuttack and discussed about the incident. The doctor suggested for a surgery and informed that one of the toe finger needs to be amputated. Sitakanta agreed for the proposal.

A team led by Dr Bibhuti conducted the surgery and it took them around 8 hours for the successful surgery. The patient was kept under keen observation to check whether the surgery was success or not. Dr Naik also said that such surgery is first in the state.

In this procedure, a thumb and a finger were reconstructed using his toes that were attached to his hand with the restoration of blood circulation in it.

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