Prakruti Mishra-Babusan controversy: Here are the 15 questions that Police asked Prakruti

Bhubaneswar: In the latest development in the actors Prakruti Mishra and Babusan love story case of Odisha, Kharavel Nagar Thana Police visited house of Prakruti Mishra in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday and interrogated her. In front of her parents Police asked 15 questions to the actress during the interrogation. Police are probing the case filed by Babusan’s wife Trupti against Prakruti Mishra.

On the other hand family of Prakruti Mishra has lodged complain against Trupti and her father Lalit Satpathy. As per reports, Kharavel Nagar Thana Police have sent notice to Trupti Satpathy under section 41 (A). This notice has been issued on the basis of the complaint lodged by Manmatha Mishra. Earlier, Police had interrogated Trupti and her father Lalit Satpathy.

Prakruti Mishra’s father Manmatha Mishra has informed that whatever Police asked to Prakruti, she has answered all during the interrogation. He has kept hope to get justice. Police have collected information about the incidents of the day when it took place and also the following day.

Manmatha Mishra further said that he had filed complaint for the incident of Saturday. Then, Police had interrogated him and today Prakruti was interrogated. “I expect Police will take necessary action,” he said. He also said that Babu (Babusan) should return his home soon.

Here are the 15 questions that Police asked Prakruti Mishra during the interrogation:

  1. How long is her relationship with Babusan?
  2. At what time on July 23 the incident took place?
  3. Where she had gone in the vehicle with Babusan?
  4. On which circumstance and how the fight took place on that day?
  5. Who were the other people in the vehicle?
  6. Does she recognize the people who obstructed road on that day?
  7. Was there any previous fight with Babusan’s wife Trupti?
  8. Following the incident did she inform her parents about it?
  9. Why she went to Chennai and where she stayed there?
  10. What is truth behind the allegations levelled by Babusan’s wife and her family?
  11. Was there any discussion between the two families earlier?
  12. Was she living with Babusan together in Bhubaneswar?
  13. Had Trupti explained her regarding the marriage discord?
  14. Although prevented why she was spending time with Babusan?
  15. Was there only professional relation with Babusan or there was something else in the relationship?

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