5-feet long Cobra gets trapped in fishing net in Odisha’s Cuttack district

Athagarh: In another case of cobra rescue, a five feet long venomous cobra was rescued in Athagarh area in Cuttack district of Odisha on Wednesday. The reptile was spotted in Betakholi village in Athagarh block of the district.

As per reports, one Prashanta Nayak of Betakholi village first spotted the cobra that had been entangled to a fishing net spread in the backyard of his house.

With the sight of the huge snake Nayak got frightened and immediately alerted the Snake Helpline members for help. Accordingly, Asit Pradhan, a Snake Helpline member reached the spot and rescued the huge snake after tough effort of about 2 hours. Health-wise the cobra was completely okay after the rescue. Later the cobra was released into the jungle.

In a similar incident earlier this month a cobra had been spotted fighting with a cat in Odisha’s Kakatpur area in Jagatsinghpur district. Someone caged the tussle between the two and video of the fight went viral on social media.

As seen in the video a snake is seen gradually entering into the human habitats. However, a cat waylaid it. In a fit of anger, the reptile tries to attack the cat. The cat on the other hand cleverly escaped and attacked the snake. After realizing that it cannot fight the cat and proceed further, the cobra went back to the forest area.

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