Shocking video: 2 headed snake swallowing mice [Watch]

A shocking video has surfaced on social media lately where it is clearly seen that a two headed huge snake is swallowing 2 mice at a time with both of its heads.

The clip was posted on Instagram by snakebytestv. He captioned it writing, “Two headed Ben and Jerry eating. Miss all my snakes and animals, but we will be home soon. Having a blast on this adventure and have so much more to share!!”

After being posted to Instagram merely four days ago the video has so far earned more than 18,892 likes. Social media users have come up with different opinions. While some of them have conveyed their disbelief about existence of a two headed snake, a user has written The pattern on the back of their heads looks like a smiley face. Whatever may be the case the clip may send a shiver down your spine and not for the people with weak heart.

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