Viral Video of the day: Woman wearing lungi walks in streets of London, Netizens love it

It seems Indians are now loving to flaunt their heritage abroad and seeing people’s reaction watching them wearing traditional cloths in the streets of other countries. We Indians are very diverse in terms of appearance, language, clothing, foods, and many other things. The different states of the country have different charm, and vibes. It can be recognized easily through a simple attire.

A viral video shows a woman walking on the streets of London while wearing a Lungi, which is a daily wear item in south India. The video was posted on Instagram by a user named Valery with the caption “Wearing lungi in London.” The video shows the reaction of the people while the woman stroll in the streets of London.

The video begins as the woman wraps the lungi skillfully around herself. She paired the lungi with a simple light lavender t-shirt and sunglasses. She then heads straight to a grocery shop where the customers were seen casting cursory glances at the woman and the lungi. People of all ages look fascinated by her unusual style. At the end of the clip, the woman asks for the opinion of a bystanders who says that she loves it.

The video plays the Telegu song “Pushpa Pushpa” from the 2021 movie ‘Pusha: The Rise’ in the background.

Since being shared, the clip has amassed over one million views and a lakh likes. One user commented that she will do the same in Birmingham. “I am gonna do this in Birmingham!” said the user.

Another person added, “Akka fulfilled my wish (one of the bucket list).” “That’s how she conquered UK,” said another person.

Respect Tamil nadu… lungi sister.. , said one user. While another commented, “Heyyy that’s my father’s lungii!!!!!! you two can twin with eo”.

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