Watch viral video: Girl takes pet tiger for a walk in Dubai, Netizens call it scary

A video of a girl taking her pet tiger for a stroll on the garden has gone viral on social media. The video has set social media abuzz. It has alaramed many users with some of them calling it scary.

The viral video was shared by a well-known influencer, Nadia Khar on Instagram. The video showcases the influencer walking the king of Jungle with a chain around his neck. This video has garnered many types of comments of the users. The video, which has been viewed over six millions of views, has received over 1.49 lakh likes already.

In the video, Khar is seen in a vast open area, confidently holding the tiger’s chain as they walk together. Sharing the post, she wrote “Taking my pet tiger for a walk. Dubai is different.” The post has also accumulated a wide array of comments, reflecting the diverse reactions of viewers.
Watch video here:

While some users applauded the influencer for her bravery, others condemn the act of binding the animal that should roam in forest without any shackle.

One user remarked humorously, “It seems she had a fight with the tiger before taking him for a walk.” While another wrote, “How are you able to walk around like this in Dubai and not get into trouble?” Another praised her and wrote, “Haha this is super dope!

Another commented critically, “You need to return the tiger to the zoo or in the wild. It’s not a pet. Walking on cement concrete isn’t meant for them.” A third expressed admiration for Khar’s bravery, stating, “I would be scared to death next to a tiger, you are brave.”

Others simply found the video alarming, with one user writing, “This is scary.”

The video of tigers has always garnered attention of internet users as it is rare to see the majestic animal in urban areas.

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