“I would never marry my childhood love,” if rejected, youth mentions in job application, watch

“I would never marry my childhood love,” if don’t get selected, mentioned a job aspirant recently while applying for a job. And the screenshot of the write up has gone viral on social media.

X user Dipalie shared screenshot of the said write-up on X platform (formerly Twitter) through her handle and captioned the post, “hiring can be fun too.”

As per the information available on her X account Dipalie is the founder of Arva Health. She was hiring for some posts when she found that the answer given by a job aspirant to the question ‘why are you fit for the role,’ was out of the box. The youth had mentioned that if he does not gets the job he would not marry his childhood love because the girl’s father had said that he can marry the girl only if he has a job.

The aspirant had written, “I believe I bring a unique blend of Full stack that aligns well with the requirements of this role. Also, if I don’t get this job I would never marry my childhood love because her father say u will only marry her if you have a job.”

Dipalie shared the screenshot of the write up on June 13 and so far it has gone viral and has already garnered 228.5k views. The post also received some interesting comments. Here are some of them.

“Hire him for the honesty”

“get him a job omg!!!”

“Is he getting married or not?”

“Dude being honest,”

“The real thing would be if the HR is considering him for the next round…”

“He makes a pretty compelling case”

“Need to hire him”

“That’s totally me.”

“Bro would work so as to not get fired at any costs”

Watch the screenshot here:

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