Samsung Shortcut Sneakers: These futuristic sneakers allow you to make a call with a click from your heels

Samsung has a global reputation of making smartphones, gadgets as well electronics that are based on the latest technology. Well, this time Samsung has introduced a sneaker which has futuristic features in it. The sneaker is a hands-free wearable and is named the ‘Shortcut Sneaker’. This limited edition sneaker offers up to five actions and that includes actions like phone calls as well as audio play.

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Shortcut Sneaker is a limited edition and it is not available in the market. There are a total of six pairs in existence and they are not readily available in stores. In order to get your hands on a pair of sneakers, you have to be a member of Samsung Members in the Netherlands. You can sign up for the contest until July 9, 2024, only if you meet all the requirements. The company will announce the winners on July 15, 2024.

The Samsung Shortcut Sneaker is made with the collaboration of Cheil Benelux, Elitac Wearables, Bruut Amsterdam, and sneaker designer Roel Van Hoff. The sneaker can be used to trigger five different shortcuts by five specific movements. Even though Samsung has not mentioned about all the triggers, the company did mention the moonwalk which can be used to make calls or play music. In the promotional video shared by the company, we can see Roel Van Hoff bumping the shoes to call his mother.

Until the Samsung shortcut sneakers are available in the market for sale, you can get the Apple Vision Pro, which uses physical hand gestures to control the UI, or use Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses for different purposes.

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