Man helps snake shed its skin, watch viral video

The eye caps are the most sensitive part of the shed and if your not super experienced

A man was seen helping a snake shedding its skin in a video recently. He kissed the snake and went on peeling it off and finally a fresh looking snake was there after the whole process. The video has gone viral.

As we can see in the video, a man begins tearing the skin of a poisonous snake from its mouth side. It peels off the skin like unwrapping a gift pack. He gets troubled while taking out the skin from the eyes of the reptile. Yet, everything was cool soon. Then, he kisses the snake and then goes on unwrapping it till the reptile completes sheds its skin till its tail.

Posted by user therealtarzann to Instagram merely three days before the video has so far amassed a huge 2105646 likes. The caption of the post reads, “Best caption wins, Unwrapping Christmas Presents be like.”

And the post has garnered a number of good comments.

A comment reads, “He peeled the skin back & kissed it PAUSEEE.” “New skin for 2024,” commented another user.

“When I’m taking a rubber off after that good,” yet another user commented. Another user wrote, “This was so satisfying, yesss.”

“I don’t recommend you help you snake shed ! But I’ve been doing this for 25 plus years and I’ve been trying to master the art of snake’s behavior since a child ! Obviously If I was hurting the snake you can see multiple points of him to actually bite me but in return he appreciates the helping hand ….the eye caps are the most sensitive part of the shed and if your not super experienced I would just recommend you to soak your snake in water to help with the process ! You can also tell if a snake is 100% healthy by a full clean shed this is captive bred pet Eastern indigo snake at my house in California,” the user who posted the video also commented.


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