Man giving water to cobra video goes viral, watch

A man giving water to cobra video has gone viral on social media. It seems the cobra is very much thirsty in the video. The youth comes closer to it and tries to feed the reptile with water and the snake stands on its tell to consume water.

The video was shared a few days before on Instagram by world_of_snakes and so far it has earned more than 50 thousand likes.

As we can see in the video a youth enters into a space that is filled with a few snakes. He then comes closer to a cobra and pours water to its moth from his water bottle. And the thirsty reptile stands to receive the water from the young man.

Though the video has been watched by a huge number of netizens many of them have conveyed in their comments that the snake had been kept thirsty so that a video can be made about a cobra getting fed with water.

I can’t help to think it was not given water for a long while :(, commented a user.

When you deprive your snake of water for clicks and views. SMH, another user commented.

Another user wrote, “I am down to give a dehydrated King Cobra water…I am just going to put it in the bowl from a slight distance though.”

This is an accident waiting to happen and then that guy is going to be history, smh. I know we have dominion over these animals but at least have some type of pole or something in there with you, another user wrote in the comment box.

Watch the video here:

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