‘Head transplant’ animated video goes viral, watch

A head transplant video has lately gone viral on social media. The video shows two autonomous surgical robots performing simultaneous surgeries on two robotic bodies.

This spooky video has left the internet in shock. In this animated video we can see that two autonomous surgical robots are operating on two bodies simultaneously. In the video, it is seen that the head of one of the bodies is taken out and transplanted into the other body.

The scene gives a feel like a spooky Hollywood film. Reportedly, a Startup in the US is working on this technique.

An X user going by the name Tansu Yegen posted the video to X platform (formerly Twitter) via the handle @Tansuyegen today afternoon and so far it has already earned more than 4.8 million views.

“BrainBridge, the first head transplant system, uses robotics and AI for head and face transplants, offering hope to those with severe conditions like stage-4 cancer and neurodegenerative diseases…,” reads the caption of the post.

Besides, the video also earned some interesting comments. A user wrote, “Interesting that they can potentially change a head but not cure cancer…”

“Just to be clear, this robot, not a human is going to be doing neurosurgery, plastic surgery, a tracheostomy, vascular surgery, anesthesia… We don’t have a robot that can do any of those things by themselves, let alone a procedure like this, which has never been done to a human,’ another user wrote.

“I can not understand some people believe this. I guess is a joke for sure”, a third wrote.

“Some things should only be left to god,” another user commented.

Watch the video here:

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