Flying eagle catches fish, swallows in mid-air, watch incredible video

In a rare video that surfaced on social media a flying eagle was seen catching a fish from the river water and swallowing it in the mid-air. The incredible video has gone viral after being shared on social media.

In the video it can be seen that the eagle is flying in the sky like a free bird. After a few seconds perhaps it decides to prey and descends towards the river water. It comes down and opens its legs like an aeroplane opens its wheels before landing. Yet, this huge bird does not lands on the water but it performs an incredible task. While still flying it extends its toes and talons towards the water and picks a big fish and again flies back to the sky. At once we can’t guess what it did by putting its leg to the water, but the next moment we can see that the huge bird throws the fish forward and catches it in its mouth when it is clearly visible that the bird had caught a fish. It swallows the fish with joy and flies forward in the blue sky.

Shared by X user Raghu to its handle @IndiaTales7 the caption of the post reads, “Have you ever seen an eagle catch a fish and then swallow it in mid air.” Interestingly, shared just a couple of hours ago today, the video has so far earned 58.3k views. And the post also earned a number of interesting comments.

“That fish was just minding its fish ass business. Going about its day without a care in the world and then….. Yoink!” commented a user.

“What a bird.  Nice video,” wrote another user.

“And it wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her!” yet another user commented.

Watch the video here:

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