Marriage turns scary! Bride starts acting like Manjulika during Jaimala, internet terrified

Imagine you are getting married and your bride suddenly starts behaving weird and horrific. You will be terrified right? Such a similar incident is going viral over the internet. In the video, a bride is seen behaving like Manjulika (the ghost from a Bollywood Horror Movie, Bhool Bhulaiya) during jaimala while the people and the bridegroom got terrified with her actions.

The video has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user @RaviShanka_IND. In the 17 second video, the groom can be seen holding the garland while the bride is sitting on the sofa. Suddenly she looks at the grooms and starts laughing loudly. The bride later starts twirling with her hair open. The video has been shared with a caption that read, “The poor groom may go into coma.”

After being shared on X, the video has garnered over 9.07 lakh views, while nearly 6 thousand X users have liked the video.

Reacting to the viral video, one user said, “Real hai bhai maine sabb real mei dekha hai..” Another person wrote, “Kaale shirt wale ka reaction dekhne layak hai.”

Meanwhile, a third person said, “Heart attack aa gya ise to.” Adding to this, another user wrote, “….aur phir dulhan ki shaadi usky premi k sath kara di gai…and they lived happily ever after.” A fifth person wrote, “Nice way to avoid marriage. If the boyfriend is on the way and for some reason getting delayed this act would buy time till he reaches.

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