Raja 2024: The festival of Odisha that celebrates womanhood begins today

Bhubaneswar: Raja festival is unique and much-celebrated festival in Odisha. This festive celebrates the spirit of womanhood and fertility. Raja is a three-day long festival which will fall from June 14 to June 16 this year.

Raja has it’s unique importance in Odia culture as this festival is specially celebrated by young unmarried woman. During this festival, young girls wear new dresses, play cards, apply henna on hands and alta on feet and have fun. A swing is the main attraction of this festival.

Notably, the very first day of Raja is known as ‘Pahili Raja’ which is also considered to be the last day of the month Jestha (summers). The second day is named as ‘Raja Sankranti’ which is the first day of the month Asadha(monsoons). The concluding day is named in local dialect as ‘Bhuin Dahana’ popularly known as ‘Sesa Raja’ (last day).

According to legends, the Vasumati Goddess got her menstruation during this time. It is also believed that mother earth menstruates during these three days and a ceremonial bath takes place on the fourth day.

During this festival, Poda Pithas are also made. The  The aroma and taste of this dish happens to be Lord Jagannath’s favorite and is savored by him each time after having the meal. Other than the poda pitha delicacies like Arisa pitha, Mutton curry and Raja Pana makes it one of the most special festival in every Odia household.

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