Car takes shortcut and then reverses as surprise waits ahead: Watch

A car driver decided to become smart and break the line to cross a lane, but what happened next made the driver put the vehicle on reverse

When you attend a driving school, they begin with the fundamentals and then progress to teach you all of the signs and rules that a driver should learn. Even if you have a lot of experience driving in different situations and places, it is a good idea to go over the lessons again just to make sure you get it right the next time you hit the road.

There will be times when you will be tempted to take an easy road as a shortcut to get to your destination sooner. But if you are standing in line behind several vehicles, you must be patient because traffic could be disrupted for a variety of reasons. Jumping the line or driving outside the designated lane is not only illegal, but it can also be dangerous to others. In light of it, a video showcasing a car taking a shortcut has surfaced online, but what happened next is hilarious and a lesson at the same time.

The footage shows a narrow lane with two lines of vehicles. In the clip, it can be seen a car is traveling in the same direction from the lane that is parallel to the right-hand line of slowly moving vehicles. The car moves forward, slipping out of the shot, and then, as it shifts into reverse while being pursued by another vehicle that has entered the lane earlier.

The clip was shared by a Twitter page named @instantregrtess.

Take a look:

Since being shared online, the post has garnered more than 2k views and tons of likes and comments. Impressed by the video, netizens flooded the comment section with their reactions.

One user wrote, “Police turned them into the king of pop.” Another commented, “Dear @PuneCityTraffic @PuneCityPolice @CPPuneCity…. I Want to see you guys like this against the wrong side driving in Pune.”

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