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Unusual laughs in French TV show goes viral: Watch

Normally people laugh when they feel happy. And when the joy is much more, may be after witnessing something or from any other reason, they Laugh Out Loud. Yet, in a recent now-viral video it was seen that people laughed after witnessing some really unusual laughs by some people. The video went viral after getting posted to twitter by a user named AFC GLEN. The video has so far earned 113.3k retweets, 19.4k quote tweets and a whopping 594.2k likes.

Recently, some people with unusual laughs were invited to participate in a French TV show. They sat along with the judges and audience and laughed in their styles. And the laughs they produced was so funny, that everyone present there laughed out loud. A clip of this happening was recorded by somebody and later posted to social media, which within no time went viral.

User AFC GLEN posted the video and captioned, “French TV show invited people with unusual laughs to sit together….. the outcome is fucking brilliant.”

And the post not only garnered heavy reaction from netizens but it also earned some really interesting comments. A user wrote, “This has blown my phone up. Laughter is great medicine. You can’t help but laugh when watching it. Another user wrote, “My cheeks are sore from laughing at that”

Another user commented, “I think I might be looking at the single greatest moment in talk show history.

The video is worth watching. Watch it here:

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