Under treatment elephant in Bhubaneswar succumbs to blast injuries

Bhubaneswar: An elephant has allegedly died while being under treatment in Bhubaneswar, said reliable reports in this regard on Tuesday.  It is worth mentioning here that the elephant had suffered injuries as a bomb had blast inside its mouth.

The forest department had found the elephant yesterday in the Bharatpur forest and tried to treat it, but later it succumbed to injuries.

The elephant had allegedly swallowed a crude bomb planted by poachers to hunt wild boars. It was seriously injured after the bomb exploded in its mouth.

Veterinary doctors from Nandankanan and OUAT were treating the injured animal in the jungle but it succumbed. The elephant severely injured in the bomb blast.

On November 10, another elephant death in Odisha has been reported from Keonjhar district in Odisha said reliable reports. It is worth mentioning that a tusker was found dead in Telkhandkoi Forest Golaband Forest Beat in Bhadimara village in Keonjhar district.

The forest department officials reached the spot and started an investigation in this regard. However from preliminary information that has been received from the forest department that the death of the elephant was due to a fight between elephants.

In a tragic incident yet another elephant has met its untimely death in Dhenkanal district of Odisha said reliable reports on November 8, 2023.

According to reports, the elephant got electrocuted and died after coming in contact with a live electric wire that had been laid to prevent wild animals.  The incident took place near Kantakula Canal in Hindol forest division, said reliable reports.

The forest department and electric department in Hindol have reached the spot and are investigating into the matter.

With almost 1,200 elephants killed in the last 10 years across India — 245 of them in the past three years in Odisha, said a survey in this regard alone the gentle giants are at a grave risk, with just 27,000 left in the country at present.

The decision makers need to be sensitized with awareness programs specific to elephants, their vital role as climate mitigators and ecosystem engineers, and the cascading effects of their disappearance from our planet.

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