Sanitation worker falls ill after receiving Covid vaccine in Jajpur, but vaccine is not the reason


Jajpur: In an unusual instance, a sanitation worker fell ill after receiving Covid vaccination jab in Jajpur of Odisha. However, the vaccine in this case is not to be blamed as there was no fault of the vaccine.

About side effects of Covid vaccination experts are of the opinion that it may have mild side effect. However, people are still frightened.

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As per reports, Sobha Nayak, a sanitation worker from Jajpur district received Covid vaccination on Monday. Later she became ill. Of course, after primary treatment she is doing well now.

However, the reason behind how she fell ill seems interesting. It was learnt that the reason behind her falling ill is not vaccine rather it is sanitizer. After receiving the shot she had unknowingly drank sanitizer thinking it to be water. And hence she fell ill.

A sanitation worker of Jajpur District Head quarter hospital Sobha later accepted that she had unknowingly drank sanitizer believing it to be water as she was nervous.

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