Petrol pump in Keonjhar village dispenses water-diluted petrol, irate locals demand action against owner

Keonjhar: Tension ran high at Ghasipura village of Odisha’s Keonjhar district as a petrol pump reportedly dispensed water-diluted petrol on Sunday.

Some people reportedly went to the Bharat Petroleum filling station which is situated near the Ghasipura marker to fill fuel in their vehicles today. However, they created a ruckus on the spot alleging that their vehicles got stopped all of a sudden after going a short distance allegedly due to diluted petrol.

“I filled petrol of Rs 210. But my vehicle got stopped near the Ghasipura Gate. I tried my best to start it but could not. Some locals also helped, however, as the vehicle did not get started I called a mechanic, who noticed the diluted-petrol,” alleged a lady customer.

“The petrol pump owner will have to return my 210 rupees and extra money to repair my vehicle,” she demanded.

As a huge crowd gathered at the filling station, the petrol pump owner assured to return money to everyone who faced problem after filling fuel from the filling station.

The angry locals, on the other hand, demanded an investigation into the matter to find out under what circumstances water got mixed with petrol.

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