Odisha: Fake RTI Activist Kanhoo allegedly killed 2 in 2020

Fake RTI Activist Kanhoo Pradhan allegedly killed two people in 2020 in a cashew forest in Odisha, said reliable reports. 

Bhubaneswar: Fake RTI Activist Kanhoo Pradhan allegedly killed two people in 2020 in a cashew forest in Odisha, said reliable reports.

It is worth mentioning that, apart from murder there are many cases against the accused in the Khurda Chandpur police station. Kanhoo was also running three liquor shops on lease, said reports.

After the STF arrested the mastermind Kanhoo Charan Pradhan from Berhampur of Ganjam district in Odisha on August 20.

The Special Task Force (STF) has successfully apprehended the mastermind behind an intricate cheating and impersonation scheme. The individual in question, identified as Kanhu Charan Pradhan, was taken into custody by STF authorities. This development follows the earlier arrests of Kishore Mishra and several others who were operating under Pradhan’s leadership.

Kanhu Charan Pradhan, hailing from Tangi of Khurdha, and currently residing in Bhubaneswar, emerged as the orchestrator of a web of deceit. With a background as a graduate and a history of running a liquor shop, Pradhan’s criminal endeavors spanned several cases, with at least four documented against him in the past.

The STF uncovered that Pradhan and his associates manipulated their victims by posing as RTI activists. Their modus operandi involved exploiting their claimed connections with senior officials to promise fabricated benefits like crusher licenses, liquor licenses, transfers, and postings. The group resorted to various fraudulent tactics, even going to the extent of forging government notifications and orders.

The ruse extended to communication, with Pradhan’s group saving their numbers under authoritative titles in people’s phones. Subsequently, when individuals cross-referenced these numbers on caller ID apps, the facade of credibility was bolstered. In a surprising twist, it was found that the group utilized some bank accounts linked to deceased individuals, adding another layer of complexity to their operations.

This operation wasn’t confined to a specific area, as reports indicate their activities spanned various locations within Odisha. Additionally, suspicions have arisen regarding their potential involvement in publishing fake job advertisements in newspapers.

Intriguingly, Pradhan had fled to Thailand but recently returned to Odisha, only to be apprehended by STF. Authorities have seized valuable evidence, including expensive mobile phones, forged government documents, and incriminating materials from him.

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