Banakalagi niti to be performed on Wednesday, informs Srimandir temple administration

Puri Srimandir temple administration has informed Banakalagi niti of Lord Jagannath and siblings will be performed on Wednesday

Puri: Puri Srimandir temple administration on Saturday, informed that the Banakalagi niti of Lord Jagannath and siblings will be performed on Wednesday. 

The banakalagi niti of Lord Jagannath shall finally be held on Wednesday, as reported after the conclusion of the meeting held under the chairmanship of the Puri Gajapati Maharaj.

The Jagannath temple managing committee meeting had been held at the Niladri Bhakta Niwas in Puri on Friday.

There had been a major controversy relating to the bankalagi ritual of lord Jagannath where the Datta Mohapatra Nijog and the temple administration could not reach a conclusion.

Today though the Dutta Mohapatra Nijoga had agreed to carry out the Banakalagi ritual of Lord Jagannath on Thursday, the Srimandir Commander had refused.

It is worth noting that it has been mentioned in the Bamadev Samhita and Record of Rights that the Banakalagi ritual of Lord Jagannath should be held on Wednesdays.

Earlier it was decided on July 25 that, the Banakalagi ritual of Lord Jagannath shall be held on Thursday. The same was informed by the Dattamohapatra Nijog Secretary, said reliable reports.

It is worth mentioning that a show cause notice was issued to the Dutta Mahapatra nijog in connection with the Banakalagi ritual irregularities in Puri Jagannath temple.

It had been directed that the Dutta Mahapatra nijog has to reply to the notice within a maximum of four days.

The show cause had been issued under the Srimandir Laws Section 20 and Section 30, said reports. According to the information received, as per the decision of the management committee in 2018, the Banaka Lagi ritual is undertaken every Wednesday.

However it is noteworthy that since six years, the Datta Mahapatra Nijoga has been insisting on conducting the Bankalagi rituals on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

It is also worth mentioning that since Niladri bije, the Banka Lagi rituals or Shrimukh Sringara ritual has not been done.

Hence the said show cause notice has been issued. On the other hand, regarding the notice, Sanjay Dashmahapatra a member of the Datta Mohapatra Nijoga had said that the Banaka Lagi rituals shall be done on the basis of the ‘satwalipi’.

Otherwise, the government should remove the ‘satwalipi’. He had also added that if necessary, they will file a case in the court to resolve the matter.

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