12 myths on Coronavirus : Subroto Bagchi

Bhubaneswar: As the novel Coronavirus continues to spread in  Odisha, India and across the globe, a host of false beliefs has surrounded on how to protect yourself from the pandemic.

Briefing media, Odisha government’s chief spokesperson on COVID-19, Subrato Bagchi on Wednesday pointed out a dozen of wrong assumptions on Coronavirus infection.

The myths on Coronavirus, mentioned by Bagchi, are as follows:

Myth 1: Rinsing the nose with salt water protects against coronavirus

Bagchi: There is no evidence that rinsing the nose with salt water can reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

Myrth 2: Coronavirus will die off when temperatures rise to 25 degree Celsius

Bagchi: Scientists from across the globe have not said that how temperature changes will influence the behaviour of Coronavirus. You can catch COVID-19, no matter how sunny or hot the weather is.

Myth 3: Coronavirus remains with your body till death

Bagchi: Catching the coronavirus does not mean you will have it for life.

Myth 4: If you can hold your breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing means you are free from COVID-19

Bagchi: If a person holds his/her breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing or feeling discomfort doesn’t mean he/she is free from the coronavirus disease.

Myth 5: Drinking alcohol prevents from Coronavirus

Bagchi : Drinking alcohol does not protect a person against COVID-19; instead, it can increase other health problems.

Myth 6: Taking a hot bath prevents Coronavirus disease

Bagchi: Taking bath with warm or hot not prevent a person from catching COVID-19.

Myth 7: Coronavirus transmits through mosquito bites

Bagchi: So far there is no information from across the globe that the Coronavirus can be transmitted by mosquitoes. The Coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.

Myth 8: Eating garlic help prevent coronavirus

Bagchi: Garlic is a healthy food. However, there is no evidence that eating garlic can protect people from the Coronavirus.

Myth 9: Coronavirus affect to children and older people

Bagchi: People of all ages can be infected with the Coronavirus.

Myth 10: Antibiotics kill coronavirus

Bagchi: Antibiotics works against bacteria; they do not kill viruses.

Myth 11: Gargling with chlorine water help preventing Coronavirus

Bagchi: Gargling with chlorine water doesn’t help preventing Coronavirus; instead such substances can be harmful to body.

Myth 12: Cats and dogs spread Coronavirus

Bagchi: No, there is no scientific evidence that Coronavirus can infect cats and dogs.

At last , Bagchi reiterated the following ways to protect yourself from coronavirus.

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, using soap or hand wash. You can also use hand-sanitizer.
  • Don’t touch your face, nose, eye with your hand.
  • Stay at home.
  • Wear mask whenever you go outside.
  • If you go outside, maintain social distance.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sneezing or coughing
  • If you cough or sneeze, use clothes or cough into the crook of your elbow

So far, 60 persons were tested positve for COVID-19 in Odisha, among which one person died while 18 persons have been completely recovered and discharged from the hospital.

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