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Royal Rumble: Prince Harry says Camilla is ‘dangerous’, she needed to rehabilitate her image

Prince Harry on Monday pulled back no punches as he launched another attack on Britain's Queen Consort Camilla, branding her "dangerous" and a "villain", as he continued promoting his explosive memoir, 'Spare', which is scheduled to hit the stores on Tuesday.

London: Prince Harry launched another attack on Britain’s Queen Camilla on Monday, labeling her a “dangerous” “villain” while continuing to promote his explosive memoir “Spare,” Tuesday. Lined up at the store.

Speaking with CBS News’ 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper, the Duke of Sussex took aim at Camilla after he was questioned about the several very damaging allegations he made about her in the book’s pages, reports ‘Daily Mail’.

Referring back to a 1995 interview in which his mother, Princess Diana, famously referred to Camilla as the “third person in her marriage”, Harry says that this admission turned the now-Queen Consort into a “villain”, adding: “She needed to rehabilitate her image.”

According to Harry — who also reveals in his book that he and Prince William “begged” their father not to marry Camilla — this desire to transform her public image made her “dangerous”, notes ‘Daily Mail’.

The 38-year-old Duke accuses his stepmother of “trading information” with the press in an attempt to get more positive stories written about herself, before sensationally suggesting that her “connections” with the media would end up with “people or bodies left in the street”.

Harry also said that what he saw as Camilla’s desire to “be on the front page [and] have positive stories written about [her]” came from his family’s belief that positive media coverage would “improve your reputation or increase the chances of you being accepted as monarch by the British public”.

“If you are led to believe, as a member of the family, that being on the front page, having positive headlines, positive stories written about you, is going to improve your reputation or increase the chances of you being accepted as monarch by the British public, then that’s what you’re gonna do,” Harry added.

The Duke’s sensational public attack on Camilla, according to ‘Daily Mail’, is the latest in a line of barbs that he has flung at his stepmother — having already painted what Cooper describes as a very “unflattering portrayal” of her in ‘Spare’, which was accidentally released in Spain last week.

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