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The ‘Killer’ Elephant Of Jajpur Finally Gets Caught After Much Ado


Jajpur: The Forest Department has finally been able to capture the Elephant after a long wait of 8 days.

The officials were at their wits end as to how they would capture the killer jumbo.

The ‘Operation Gajraj’ has finally ended.

The elephant had to be tranquilized 3 times a day before being captured.

The elephant had trampled at least four persons to death and left four others including a forest official critical.

Among those killed was a 14 year old year youth and among those injured were  an aged couple of Matha Sahi they had been critically injured in the attack.

The irate residents had blocked the Kalinganagar- Jajpur road in front of the Danagadi Health Care Centre.

The residents were scared to step out of their homes due to the killer jumbo.

The schools had been shut down as a precautionary measure.

During the capture, no injuries have been reported. The officials and police were present at the site to prevent any mishap.


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