Woman tries cooking egg following viral video, left with skin peeling from face

She was trying to cook after taking hints from a viral video that had been posted to Tik Tok

In a bizarre incident, a woman tried to cook eggs after going through the tips provided in a Tik Tok viral video. However, she ended up with peeled skin on her face.

As per reports, the woman, who also is a mum tried to cook eggs in a microwave. She was attempting after taking hints from a viral video that had been posted on Tik Tok. However, the microwave exploded. She was trying to make poached egg. The recipe she had found on social media.

It was shared in a post on social media. Twitter user Random on May 29 shared a few pictures of the woman and captioned the post, “A mum was left with her skin peeling from her face after she cooked eggs in a microwave that exploded while trying out a viral TikTok ‘hack’.…”

Shafia Bashir, 37, was in “absolute agony” when making a poached egg after following a recipe she found on social media #News, the tweet said.

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