WATCH: Man attempts backflip stunt in Delhi metro, fails miserably

A viral video shows a man attempting a backflip while the metro was in motion, but his daring stunt quickly turned into a regrettable mishap.

Imagine a guy in the Delhi Metro who decided to show off and do a backflip, thinking he’d be a superstar. But guess what? It didn’t go as planned! This whole thing got caught on camera, and now more than 1.3 million people have watched it on Instagram.

The viral video was posted on Instagram by a user called ‘chaman flipper.’ It starts with the guy getting ready for his big flip, and everyone on the train is watching, waiting to see what happens next.

He jumps up and tries to do a fancy flip, but guess what? Gravity wasn’t his friend that day. He lost control while in the air and ended up landing in a really awkward and painful way.


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The clip received mixed reactions; some social media users criticised his stunt and made fun of him, while others expressed genuine concern over his fall.

One user wrote, “Nahin aarha hai to kyu kar rahe ho?” Another wrote, “Itne niche se karoge to aisa hi hoga.”

A third user wrote, “Ek baar aur karo. One’s more.”

A fourth user jokingly wrote, “Ye sharam ke maare ahle station pe utar gaya hoga (Due to embarrassment, he must have left the metro at the next station).”

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