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WATCH: Gold and Silver Pani Puri with dry fruits, thandai leaves internet disappointed

Among the viral posts that we come across every day, food experiments are one of the most common categories. Now in a recent viral video, a food vendor from Bengaluru was seen serving “gold and silver Pani Puri.”

When we speak of India, Pani puri is more than just a dish. It is an emotion and absolute delight. With a spicy yet tangy flavor, pani puri serves as a tasty snack option for people all around the world. Thousands of people in India eat this snack on a daily basis. But would you dare to try something that goes by the name of “gold and silver pani puri?”

This unusual version of pani puri, sold by a vendor in Bengaluru, has gone viral on the internet. The vendor adds dry fruits and honey in the puris and tops it with edible gold foil. As for the water, he adds thandai to glasses and adds edible silver pieces to it.

The video was originally shared on Instagram by user Khushbu Parmer. The caption on the video read “Gold & Silver Pani Puri,” followed by the address of the shop that serves it. Take a look at the viral video here:

Since being shared three days back, the viral video has got over 2.7 million views. It has also fetched over 50k likes and drawn over thousands of comments. Netizens were not much impressed with the experiment on their favorite snack. Some of the comments on the video read:

“It should be called Bappi Lahiri Pani Puri.”

“Free me bhi na khau mein.”

“Paani Puri ko toh chhod de bhai.”

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