Python makes miraculous escape from more than 15 mongoose, watch

A python was recently seen making a miraculous escape from the grip of more than 15 mongooses. The video has gone viral on social media and people are taking to the comment section of the post to put their reactions.

In the video we can see that more than 15 mongooses are repeatedly nibbling on a python. If it would have been some other day and there was only one or two mongooses, the big snake would have curtained gulped it. But in the present situation, a pack of 15 mongoose are attacking the snake. The python is searching place to get vanished but the mongooses are haunting on it. After a while, the snake somehow manages to climb a tree when the mongooses are seen not following it. The snake gets rescued though it has a large number of cut marks on the body due to the attack.

Posted on April 18 to Instagram by user latestkruger, the post has already garnered more than 37 thousand likes as of now. Besides, the video has also earned a few interesting comments.

“Why did you guys interfere with nature?” asked a user while another commented, “I know he rested for a week after that.”

Yet another user commented, “It didn’t escape, they were eating it alive already.”

“Title should be  Python gets saved by curious humans,” wrote a user.

“There is already cuts, it won’t survive,” another user commented.

Watch the video here:

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