Viral Video: Man performs Garba underwater, leaves netizens stunned

Jaydeep Gohil, an Instagram user known as "Hydroman" hailing from India is going viral for performing Garba underwater.

As the spirit of the Navratri festival fills the air with jubilation and vibrant celebrations, one performer has taken the traditional festivities to a whole new level. Jaydeep Gohil, an Instagram user known as “Hydroman” hailing from India, is making waves online with a unique and unconventional twist to Garba, a popular dance form during Navratri.

In a departure from the customary Garba and Dandiya dances performed on dry land, Gohil’s artistry has redefined tradition by taking Garba beneath the water’s surface. A mesmerizing video, shared by the artist on his Instagram, showcases the seamless fusion of the lively Garba dance with the ethereal fluidity of an underwater performance.

Jaydeep Gohil proudly carries the title of ‘India’s first underwater dancer’ in his Instagram bio. The video has garnered nearly 10 million views and an array of enthusiastic reactions. Viewers were astounded by Gohil’s talent and expressed their amazement at the skill required to pull off this unique underwater Garba performance.

Reacting to the video, one user commented, “I also tried it by thinking it is so easy now I am texting from heaven.” While another commented, “Omg, excellent.” Yet another added, “Salute to efforts.”

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In the midst of the Navratri festivities, Jaydeep Gohil’s underwater Garba serves as a testament to the creativity and innovation that continue to breathe new life into traditional celebrations.


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