Viral video: Man fights off Polar Bears with sticks, netizens praise his bavery

A video of a man fighting off two polar bears with just wooden sticks in a snowy mountain has left the Internet stunned

Polar bears might look cute and cuddly, but they are actually very powerful predators who pose major risks to human life and property. From afar, a white bear with a cute black nose may even look funny while being goofy or lounging against the snow, but the sheer size of them is actually quite terrifying. This is why, the beast’s close contact with humans is always a fascinating topic. In a similar context, a video of a man fighting off two polar bears with just wooden sticks has left the Internet stunned.

If you live in the jungle, you need to learn to fight the wild. Similarly, those who live in snowy regions, need to learn to tackle a bear. Not always will they even have the right tools to fight, hence, coming up with new strategies is very important. In the now-viral clip, a man can be seen standing near what looks like his lodging in the snow-covered mountains. While he is standing outside his shelter, a polar bear can be seen approaching him.

Baffled by seeing what was coming towards him, the man looked around to find nothing but a long wooden stick near him. He used it as a weapon and raised it to scare the ice bear. Wasn’t it enough scare for a day, when suddenly another bear charged at the mountaineer? However, the man did not give up and threw the stick at the bear to scare it away.

The action does reap results as the two bears back away. But, they still refuse to give up, and one of the pair tries to attack the man once again. The man bravely defended himself, by picking up another stick and throwing it to shoo the animal away.

Shared on Reddit by a user named ‘Games_sans_frontiers, the caption in the post read, “Man fights off 2 polar bears.”

Watch Video Here:

Man fights off 2 polar bears
by u/Games_sans_frontiers in nextfuckinglevel

The man’s trick worked and he was successful in saving himself from a deadly encounter with two hungry polar bears. While some praised the man for his bravery, some took to the comment section to joke about the situation.

One person wrote, “That’s a bipolar situation” and another comment, “An unbearable situation to say the least.”

A third comment read, “More of a polesome moment” and a fourth user wrote, “Polar Bear 1: “He’s Got a Stick.” Polar Bear 2: “It’s ok, we can still take him.” Polar Bear 1: “HE’S GOT TWO STICKS!” Polar Bear 2: “LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!””

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