Video of one of the weakest lions in the world goes viral, watch

A video has surfaced lately on Instagram that shows one of the weakest lions in the world.

It is disheartening for many as lions are called the ‘king of the jungle’. Whether you look at images and videos of lions or see them on a safari, they always look fierce and proud.

However, this particular lion was spotted walking along a quiet road, looking malnourished and defeated. It seems the king has been dethroned and his subjects have abandoned him.

Instagram user ‘LatestKruger’ posted this video with the following caption: “One of the frailest lions we have ever seen. Hanging on to what little remains”. Posted on 2 May, 2024, the clip has garnered more than 60 thousand likes.

Netizens came up with different views for the video. They ventured to the comment box and put their opinions. Some of them were concerned about the poor health of the lion. One user said, “Please don’t take videos of an animal suffering and in pain while she’s starving to death you all are recording and not helping”. Another user said, “Why don’t you give him some food???”

Others jested by posting comments like “I bet you could pet that one”, and “It looks vegan!!”

One user had a philosophical take on the matter. She said, “You all are pure comedy and jokes. Walk past homeless and hungry humans in your daily lives without even a hello, a dollar, or a piece of bread, but always make sure to be a voice and make noise for animals. And don’t misconstrue what I’m saying. Of course animals need love, support, etc. But it’s just funny how people treat one another so badly.”

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