Video of man dancing on ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ goes viral on internet

The video shows a man grooving to Bappi Lahiri’s famous dance number Jimmy Jimmy. His moves immediately grab all eyeballs.

Indian weddings are always full of fun and entertainment. They are undoubtedly incomplete without dance performances on iconic songs and peppy numbers. It’s likely that many of us must have come across numerous dance numbers at a wedding. In light of it, a recent video of a man dancing at a wedding reception has surfaced on social media.

The video opens with a man walking a few steps normally before he breaks into his ‘dancing avatar’ for the crowd. The man in the video can be seen grooving to Bappi Lahiri’s famous dance number Jimmy Jimmy. His amazing performance draws the immediate attention of the crowd as the wedding guests can be seen enjoying and appreciating his performance by applauding and cheering for him.

The clip of the man dancing to Jimmy Jimmy was shared as a post on Instagram by a user named Rohit Vishwas. HE shared the post with a caption that read, “Jimmy jimmy aaja aaja”. Take a moment to look at the video here:


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A post shared by Rohit Vishwas (@rohit.vishwas)

The video was an instant hit as it went viral almost immediately after getting shared. So far, the video has garnered tons of likes and comments. Highly impressed by the video, netizens flooded the comment sections with their reactions. One Instagram user wrote, “Good,” while another commented, “Uncle ne dhoom macha di.” A third comment read, “He’s enjoying himself,” while yet another wrote, “Kya bat hai sir.”

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