Video of king cobra standing up by IFS Susanta Nanda goes viral: Watch

Indian Forest Officer Susanta Nanda is much popular for his astounding videos on animals and birds. Lately, he has shared the video of a King cobra snake standing up. The scary as well as astounding video has gone viral. After being shared on Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda on February 27, the post has so far earned 329.4k views, 864 re-tweets, 71 quote tweets and 4718 likes.

“The king cobra can literally “stand up” and look at a full-grown person in the eye. When confronted, they can lift up to a third of its body off the ground,” he captioned the video.

“The King is Watching…” this is the comment that a user wrote for the said video and it seems this is the best title that completely fits to the video of the cobra standing up to a considerable height.

In the caption only the Indian Forest Officer explained that King cobras can literally stand up and look at a full-grown person in the eye. This seems fully correct as another user also explains in his comment how this is possible.  He explained in the comment, “Almost all snakes can standup to one third of their length, since kings can reach lengths of 15-18ft their 1/3rd is about 5-6 ft and hence they can look into a human eye.’

Besides, the post also earned a number of many other comments. One of the comments reads, “Pretty, but going to close my windows now.”

Another user also tried to explain and wrote, “But snake listens to vibrations in the ground and then come to know of anyone around. This photo indicates as if King Cobra can see up to some distance. Please tell the actual motive of snake in lifting upper body to this height. May the snake is in a position to strike further.”

Yet another user narrated her encounter with a cobra that was lying at their house. She commented, “My mom had an experience with king cobra when it was found lying peacefully on top of a steel basket in our wrk area in the kitchen..The snake then decided washing machine was a good place to hide…Fire dept came to rescue and my dad went with them to make sure it was left alive.”

Watch the video here:

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