Snakes fall through ceiling, video goes viral: watch

A jaw dropping footage of snakes falling through ceiling has gone viral lately on the social media platform. Shared to Twitter the horrifying video has earned huge number of comments, likes and views.

As per reports, the video is from Malaysia. We can see in the video that a snake catcher is trying to catch the snake initially using his snake catching hook/ stick. It is seen that the tail of a snake is dangling from a torn part of the ceiling. And then, the snake catcher teased the snake with his stick while another snake catcher knocks the other side of the roof so that the snake can come out ffrom its hidden place in the ceiling.

Alas! It was not only a small snake. Three huge snakes fall through the ceiling within no time creating a shocking scene. The snake catchers and the family in whose house the huge snakes were found can be heard discussing in fear. The moment, when the three snakes fall through the ceiling while still dangling from the rest of the ceiling is the horrifying moment which one should not witness if he/she is weak in heart.

The jaw dropping footage of snakes falling through ceiling has been shared by user pretty irl to Twitter yesterday. And within such a short span of time the post has so far garnered 13.3 million views, 14.6k retweets, and 53.9 likes. Besides, the post has earned some most interesting comments.

A user wrote, “My soul left my body watching this.” And another user commented, “Blow up the house neow.”

Another user commented, “And that was “Burn It All Down” from the new group Python Fallout, off their debut album, “Within These Walls…”

“I’d move to a new state,” wrote another user.

And another user asked, “Everyone : How did the snakes get up there?”

And this comment is the one that stole the show. A user commented, “I want to faint but noooo. I’ll move to another country and faint there.”

Watch the video here:


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