Tips To Reduce Distance In Relationships Due To COVID19

New Delhi: Social distancing has affected people’s personal lives greatly, and romantic relationships are bearing the brunt of it. Couples who are dating are separated by distance, the strain is bound to have an impact.

To rebuild and strengthen Covid-induced relationship distance, even virtual efforts can go a long way in showing you care.

“Relationships facing physical distancing and proximity issues need to be nurtured and prioritised. The realisation that you miss that relationship is the key factor here. Sometimes we take relationships for granted and forget how important they are. Re-establishing emotional and meaningful communication sets the right vibes for healing,” Dr Sonal Anand, Psychiatrist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road told IANSlife.

Here’s what Dr Anand suggests you do:

Take some time out every day. It could be a phone call or a short video call or a message/email. Expressing your concern doesn’t have to be very verbal, just the fact that you communicated speaks of its nown accord. The internet has really shrunk the distance and family group chats, virtual dates, Zoom meetings, interesting challenges, edited song/dance mixes are doing the rounds and helping in the right places.

Writing letters or e-letters should make a comeback. Letters are more expressive and bring a mixed bag of emotions and creativity. Sharing old memories, old photographs is a good way of building up communication. For couples who are facing the lockdown distance, this time could be used to revisit past memorable events and make up for any grievances.

A surprise gift via e-commerce could bring about happiness. Nothing too grand, just something thoughtful.

To keep positivity, she suggests that day-to-day relationships should also be considered. Helping an aged neighbour with essentials or helping a lonely friend can really instill confidence in oneself. “We must remember that this pandemic is trying to isolate our minds as well and a firm resolve to fight this crisis with the strength of humanity and strong relationships is what will help heal our minds,” she signs off.


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