American English vlogger couple alleges sexual harassment at Thrissur festival in Kerala

Thrissur: An American-English vlogger couple have alleged that they faced sexual harassment at the Thrissur Pooram festival in Kerala in their recent video that they shared on their Instagram page.

The couple identified as Mackenzie and Keenan posted in their Instagram page yesterday a video that shows a man attempting to forcefully kiss Mackenzie after talking to her.

In the video, titled ‘Questionable Moments at Thrissur Pooram’, begins with Mackenzie stating, “We’ve had some wonderful moments at Thrissur Pooram, but there were also some questionable moments.” It proceeds to show Mackenzie conducting an interview with a Pooram participant, who soon attempts to forcibly kiss her. Both Mackenzie and Keenan reacted with discomfort, audibly expressing their objections during the incident.

Later in the same video, Keenan disclosed that he was also groped by a man, who seemed to be “in his 50s” and had to push him away at the festival.

Meanwhile. the Kerala police have not received any complaint from the couple in this regard and also added that the accused man in the video has been identified.

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