Russian boy claims to be from Mars, on Earth to protect humankind

Boris Kipriyanovich claims that he is a Martian-turned-human. He claimed that his race disappeared from Mars due to a nuclear war that took place a thousand years ago. According to the kid, there are numerous clues that point out the same outcome on Earth, and it may happen very soon. To prevent human extinction from happening, Kipriyanovich explained that he was sent to relay a warning for Earth’s citizens. The main interest of the boy upon his arrival was to save the fate of humanity from the unfortunate disaster that happened to his people.

The kid has taken social media by amazement with his bizarre theories and deep knowledge of astronomy. His story has now gone viral.

Boris Kipriyanovich was born in 1996. His mother is a doctor and claims that she always had a feeling that something about was special about the genius boy from Mars. Boris’ mother has claimed in an interview given to a well-known media portal that he started speaking only a few months after he was born and held his head up without any support at just two weeks.

She added that by the age of one and a half, he was able to read, draw, and paint. When Boris Kipriyanovich was in kindergarten at the age of just two, his teachers couldn’t help but notice his extraordinary ability of writing and his language learning skills. In a 2017 interview given to a media portal, one of his kindergarten teachers revealed that he had astonishing memory skills.

Kipriyanovich’s parents have claimed that they didn’t teach their son anything about space when he was a kid. But, oftentimes he would sit with them and talk about Mars for hours. As his fascination with space and especially with the red planet grew, Boris began claiming that he was from Mars. As per the reports of a media portal, the alleged genius boy from Mars has an impressive knowledge of planetary systems and space in general.

It has been claimed in some reports by media portals that Boris is a boy with 200 IQ. However, there is no official confirmation of this. As per Boris Kipriyanovich’s claims, Martians could travel in time and space and would be flying around in spaceships. He has also claimed that Martian spaceships are very complicated.


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