WATCH! Heroic cop risks life to nab chain-snatcher from moving bike, video viral

Showcasing amazing bravery and a sharp mind a cop from Delhi managed to capture a chain-snatcher who was fleeing on a bike. The video of the incident has gone viral.

The brave cop has been identified as Satyendra of Shahabad Deri Police Station.

As per a tweet by Delhi Police, the capture of the criminal has helped solve 11 outstanding cases.

The 19 second video shared by Delhi police on their official Twitter account, the event has been captured perfectly. The cop was approaching the spot from the front, when he slowed down, presumably upon realising that the person who was heading towards him was a criminal. The thief was presumably escaping after committing a crime.

The brave cop did not hesitate for even a while before jumping off of his bike to grab hold of the criminal who was escaping on a bike. Since the bike was in motion, the cop got dragged a little way and both of them fell on the ground. However, Satyendra did not let go of the thief, leading to his capture.

Watch the video where the Delhi cop catches the chain snatcher here:

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