Man uses sanitiser while smoking inside a car, what happened next will shock you

In a bizarre incident, a car went up in flames after a man used hand sanitiser while smoking inside the vehicle. Luckily, the man escaped with minor burn injuries.

The incident has been reported from Maryland, US.

According to sources, the driver of the car was smoking while driving the vehicle. Later he, used a hand sanitiser while smoking in the front seat of his car and it ended up igniting the whole car.

The video has been going viral on social media. The video shows the car engulfed in flames in an open parking lot.

Pete Piringer, a spokesperson for The Montgomery Count Fire and Rescue Service, wrote on Twitter, “Vehicle fire; cause, a driver using hand sanitizer & smoking a cigarette, which is a bad combo in an unventilated area like a car; total loss.”

He also shared the video that shows the car engulfed in flames.

“Hand sanitiser & lighted cigarette start a fire in an occupied car. The driver was able to escape the vehicle while onlookers called 911. The patient suffered from NLT 1st & 2nd degree burns on his hands & inner thighs & transported to hospital,” wrote Piringer.

Piringer also shared some images that show the car completely charred from the inside and outside after the fire.

Earlier, the US fire departments in several states had already issued warnings since 2002 about leaving hand sanitisers in vehicles during hot weather.


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