Man buys dream scooter with hard-earned money, the way of payment will leave you amazed

A man from Assam fulfilled his dream of buying a scooter, after saving his hard-earned money for years. However, the incident has gone viral on social media for the unique way payment.

In a post shared on Facebook by Hirak J Das, a freelance photographer according to his bio, photos of a man with his brand new scooter can be seen. The new scooter owner is a shopkeeper by profession and he saved up money in his piggy bank to buy the scooter. That is he paid for the vehicle in just coins.

The caption in the post read, “Today a person bought a scooter with his savings (retail money) at Alpana suzuki dealers of Barpeta. One word we can learn from this is that even if it takes a lot of money to fulfil a dream, sometimes it can be fulfilled with a little bit of money.”

Take a look:

The man paid the price of the scooter in the form of coins valued at Rs 2,5 and 10. Although Netizens were surprised, some expressed to have found the incident to be unique, while others pointed out what hard work can make one fulfil any dream.

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