In pics! Passenger walks over ticketless people sleeping on floor at AC 3-tier

We have seen people overcrowding trains and what the passengers have to go through. Some people can be seen travelling without tickets and clogging the doorways and giving no space to move.

Recently, a passenger had to walk over people sleeping on the aisle to attend nature’s call.

The incident was  was shared on the ‘Indian Railways’ subreddit. The passenger posted a picture revealing people sleeping in the aisle of a 3rd AC coach on the Pune-Jaipur SF Express and in another picture the passengers were seen with bed sheets covering their faces. The original poster confessed, “Had to use the washroom urgently and was stuck because of these people… I felt really bad for them as I had to walk over them to get to the washroom.”

AC 3- Tier
byu/VeterinarianFun5337 inindianrailways

After the post went viral on social media, one user said, “Railway authorities are letting this happen purposefully. AC tier-3 is new sleeper and the government wants you to spend more. Chronology abhi bahot deep hai dheere dheere samjh aayega sabko.”

Another user said, “Don’t feel bad, it’s their fault for sleeping in places not intended to sleep.” A third user said, “3 tier is new sleeper 🙃”

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