IFS Susanta Nanda shared video that shows tiger waiting to cross road: Watch

IFS Susanta Nanda shared a video recently where it was seen that a tiger is waiting to cross a busy road as a number of heavy vehicles are plying  on the road. The video has gone viral after getting to social media.

IFS Susanta Nanda is best known for his interesting tweets on wildlife. He has recently shared the said clip on his twitter handle where we can see a tiger crossing road. He captioned the posted as, “This is how far the ‘development’ has taken our wildlife.”  The post was shared on February 7 to Twitter and so far earned 1.1 million views, 2286 retweets, 11.6 k likes and 211 quote tweets.

We can see in the video that a tiger is waiting  on the roadside while heavy vehicles are passing on the road. After some time the road becomes free and the tiger crosses the road and gets vanished in the other side of the road. The post earned a lot of comments.

A user wrote, “Have we started taking the tiger population for granted? We have lived through the time when we needed a Save Tiger or Project Tiger.. this way we may again be revisiting that era.”

And another user wrote, “A new highway is approved to be built thru Sariska too”

Another Instagram user wrote, “No animal underpasses as per WII NHAI new norms?? Road seems fairly new.”

And yet another user conveyed his feel in these words, “This is heartbreaking …. Development chahiye but not at the cost of wildlife !!! Underpass or overpass kyun nahi ban sakte ?????”

Another user wrote, “100mtr Underpass for a 1000km road   is a token response. If they really care about environment why will they build roads cutting through ecologically sensitive areas.”

“I saw 1 at renukoot jungles at midnight while driving a soft top gypsy , on a dec night and 2 shots of rum in my belly , I was sweating from my earlobes,” another  user wrote.

And  yet another user commented, “this is alarming, thanks to the team who recorded this should be shared at the highest level in the govt to protect wildlife its our duty to do so,” while another user wrote, “Sir both development and  unabated wild life tourism . Treating them as object of entertainment only.”

Watch the video here:

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