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Gulmina and snow leopard friendship story, fact check

Gulmina and snow leopard friendship discussion is making the rounds in social media these days. In a viral picture, the girl is seen sitting alongside a snow leopard. An emotional story has also been linked to the photo. However, it has been found that the photo is not original.

The tale of friendship between Gulmina and the snow leopard:

Gulmina lives in the Shamshal area of the Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan. As per the tale, that is making the rounds on social media, this snow leopard was nourished by Gulmina, the girl in the photo. Of course, there is a twist. She brought up this leopard thinking it to be a kitten. However, later the leopard grew up when she came to know that it was a snow leopard.

The leopard that was living in the house of Gulmina’s family so far, now moved out of the house as it is an adult animal now. These days, the leopard lives in the mountains. Yet, it seldom comes to visit the girl, Gulmina, its friend and this picture was taken when the two were together. It has been reported that this leopard is fond of taking pictures.

However, later it has been found that the story is fake and the photo is a computer generated one that has been generated using Artificial Intelligence.

Indian Forest Services officer Parveen Kaswan has revealed through his handle on X platform, “Not all is true about social media. This pic of a girl with snow leopard is viral on all platforms. With an emotional story. But it is an AI Generated Picture.

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