Cow showers love on vegetable vendor, watch viral video

A cow was seen showering love on a vegetable vendor in a recent video. This love story between the cow and the vegetable vendor will melt your heart.

In the video we can see that a cow is coming near a vegetable vendor. Normally, cows and bulls approach a vegetable vending area to eat vegetables. So, the vendors use to keep a stick so that if a cow comes to take away a few pieces of vegetables, they can drive the animal out. Yet, in between this process, the animal manages to take away at least one piece of a vegetable.

However, in this present video no such happening was seen. Neither the cow approached the vendor to steal vegetable nor is the vendor worried about it. Rather, here the thing is something different. Here the visit of the cow is all about love and affection.

The cow comes near the vendor and starts petting him while the vendor is busy in selling. The cow did not touch any of the vegetables. It did not tried to steal even one piece of any vegetable. The vendor then finished his chore. And before attending the next customer, he fed the cow a few pieces of vegetables one after one. And the cow happily gulped it. That means, it is not a fact that the cow does not love vegetables. But she accepts it only if the vendor offers it to her. Besides, as the cow petted the vendor, the man also petted her after some time and we can see an affectionate episode between man and animal.

Another thing we can observe in the video is that despite the vendor repeatedly petting the cow and giving food to her, he is maintaining hygiene. Each time he is feeding a piece of vegetable to the cow, the next moment only he is washing his hand with the water that he has kept inside the basket on his right side.

Dr Vikas Kumar posted the video to X platform and said in the caption that this man is rich in his heart. He also wrote in the caption in Hindi that till the cow was not given, it did not take any vegetable. Posted to X yesterday only, the video has so far garnered more thatn 87k views. Besides, the post also earned a number of inspiring comments.

A user wrote, “Prem ka bhuka”. “Love is natural” wrote another user.

“How can people hurt such a wonderful Gau Mata?” commented another X user.

Watch the video here:

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