Couple allegedly getting intimate inside Bengaluru Metro goes viral, watch

A couple getting intimate inside Bengaluru Metro was what netizens saw in a now viral video that was shared to X platform recently. And X users were divided while commenting for the post. A few advocated for the young couple and pleaded that there is nothing wrong in it, while some others wanted action against the deed.

Earlier a few videos of couples getting intimate inside Delhi Metro had gone viral. Yet, a user shared a video on May 5 on his handle in micro blogging site X (formerly Twitter) where a couple were allegedly seen getting intimate.

In the video we can see a couple standing near the automated gate of a moving train and engaged in some kind of intimate act. Yet, it is not clearly visible because at most of the time the cam focussed on the lower parts of the couple though as per the caption on X it was claimed that “the girl was literally kissing the boy.”

X user KPSB 52 with handle @Sam459om posted the video on May 5 and so far it has earned 33.7k views. The caption of the video reads, “Hey @OfficialBMRCL @NammaMetro_@BlrCityPolice what happening in Namma metro, slowly Bangalore metro are turning into Delhi metro, Take some action on them, The girl was literally kissing the boy.”

Action was sought in this regard. And after the video was posted Bengaluru police reacted and took note of the complaint. Police wrote, ”Noted, Please provide your contact number via DM.”

Meanwhile the video has gone viral on social media and X users are taking to the comment section to write their opinions.

A user wrote, “It is also illegal to take video of people without their consent and it is actually punishable by law under section 354C IPC with maximum imprisonment of 3 years. So what you did is illegal by law and case must be field against you for capturing video without consent of minors.”

“Mind your own business. And don’t film without permission. Close your eyes if you don’t want to see people happy,” another user wrote. “Use burnol if you’re burning…. what’s the problem with you,” a third wrote.

“If the girl was being harassed then no one would have dared to record that,” another one wrote.

“U all people please imagine. If u are travelling with your kid and In front of u such a romance is going on. Then how was ur situation. Kissing, hugging or any kind of romance in public places are not to be allowed,” another user wrote.

Watch the video here:

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