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80 year old woman paragliding video goes viral, inspires Internet users

A video of an 80 year old woman paragliding has surfaced online and it is inspiring the Internet users, watch clip here.


Old age might have dull many with various diseases and joint pains, but letting it stop you from having fun is just an excuse. Recently, a video of an 80 year old woman paragliding surfaced online and it is a boost of inspiration to all those who like to sit back with excuses instead of exploring options.

Shared on Instagram by user name Celina Moses, the granddaughter happen to have stumbled upon an old video of her grandmother who passed away seven years ago. In the clip, we can see the 80 year old woman paragliding fearless, proving that age is just a number.

Not just that, the elderly woman took part in the adventure sport wearing a saree.

While sharing the video, Celina wrote, “Age is just a number and my Aai had to prove this. My grandmother did this when she was 80 years old. Found this video in my gallery after a long time and couldn’t stop myself from sharing it. 7 years now since she left us, but what she left in us will always be remembered forever. Miss you. Love you.”


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The video attracted as many as one million views so far, and Instagram users found the clip extremely inspiring.

“This is EPIC. What a celebration of life this is, to watch this! She’s an inspiration and a goal to live like this!” a user wrote. Another commented, “She is a superwoman.”

A third person showed concern and asked, “That’s inspiring and really amazing.. but I hope u had a medical checkup before n after this… because at this age they have health issues…so just to be safe.”

“I don’t know why, but I clapped my hands for her and smiled like yes I did it” and “The best thing I saw today! Another motivation to keep pursuing your dreams!” were a few praises among the comments.

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